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Better Spaces by Maya-Marie aims to create functional and aesthetically beautiful spaces working with people from all walks of life and bringing a home organization business to our twin island of Trinidad & Tobago. 


I’ve always had a knack for organizing. What started as a casual hobby when I decided to redo my own space turned into a passion during the pandemic, allowing me to create and cultivate spaces for others that meets their needs.

 | “Transforming my own space really decluttered my mind, made me more productive and created a more efficient and calming space. “ |


Having spent hours re-organizing my own space and finding creative solutions to store my things, I’ve gained an excitement and understanding of how to determine what’s important when creating a comfortable and sustainable area. I wanted to share this with other people to bring them the same benefits it brought me.


I have an educational background and experience in Marketing with a specialization in branding. I harness my instinctive and intuitive ability to organize and process things in a structured way and my creative side allows me to balance this with an eye for curating a space aesthetically. 

Welcome, I'm 



Better Spaces in the

as featured in




U.S. Embassy Academy of Women Entrepreneurs - 2022 Winner

White Sands

Our Process


I adopted a philosophy by which I organize a space: #EditRefineResolve. 


Next, I group everything into

categories and work with you to understand your routines.

This allows me to curate designated areas that corresponds to how

you use your space.

First, I go through the items in your space and get rid of what 

you no longer use or need.

This ensures you’re only carrying useful things into your space.


Last, I contain your belongings

and add labels. This makes everything easy to find  and clearly visible. Ultimately, you have a maintainable system that specifically suits your lifestyle.


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